Join us!


Send in as many pictures as you like. The more, the better.

I will select only those photos, which I regard to be complimenting my brand and website the most. If you feel you couldn‘t handle the possibility of having your photos rejected, please do not send them. aSS loves nipples but the most intimate parts have to be censored (i will take care of that) which is required by the law.

I prefer photos...

  • in colour and in proper image-quality.
  • that show a complete person (not just the behind).
  • on which one can clearly recognize aSS-products as such.
  • that have clearly been made with fun and spirit.

  • with an eye for detail.

  • which express imagination and individuality.

Be attentive to complimenting lightsources and interesting surroundings.
You are special, so show yourself in full beauty.

Herewith i allow to publish my sent in photos online under „miss aSS“.