Cannibal (Rose/Fence Chick)
Cannibal-String (Black/Fence Doll)
Cannibal-String (Black/Veil Wine)
Cannibal (Black/Fence Virgin)
Cannibal (Black/Fence Baby)
Cannibal (Black/Fence Chick)
Cannibal (Black/Veil Pool)
Cannibal (Black/Veil Blush)
Cannibal (Black/Veil Sunset)
Cannibal (Pink/Fence Doll)
Cannibal (Black/Veil Sand)
Cannibal (Black/Veil Blossom)
Cannibal (Rose/Fence Witch)
Cannibal (Rose/Fence Vamp)
Cannibal (Black/Fence Witch)
Cannibal (Black/Fence Pumpkin)
Cannibal (Pink/Fence Virgin)
Cannibal (Purple/Metalmesh Fuchsia)
<p>Cannibal is a an open-crotch panty, which can be ordered in two different versions: String or straps. The transparent fabrics are fitted in quilled elasticband and adorned with satin bows. The matching open top has a clip at the back. This product will be handmade for you, in Switzerland.</p>