Confidential (Black/Fence Chick)
Confidential (Red/Veil Pool)
Confidential (Gold/Veil Wine)
Confidential (White/Cotton Ketchup)
Confidential (Gold/Jewel Diamond)
Confidential (Black/Fence Witch)
Confidential (Black/Veil Blossom)
<p>Confidential is a tiny little tanga with a secret: At first, it seems to have a double cameltoe band from front to back, but is actually sliced open. You decide how much you want to show! The triangle-top has shoulderstraps and a clip at the back. This product will be handmade for you, in Switzerland.</p>
Confidential (Gold/Fence Vamp)
Confidential (Baby/Jewel Onyx)
Confidential (Gold/Fence Witch)
Confidential (Blue/Cotton Tar)
Confidential (Baby/Jewel Ruby)
Confidential (Black/Fence Pumpkin)
Confidential (Pink/Veil Pool)
Confidential (Black/Fence Baby)
Confidential (Yellow/Fence Chick)
Confidential (Silver/Jewel Iolite)
Confidential (Brown/Fence Chick)
Confidential (Black/Jewel Amethyst & Black/Jewel Silver)